Swift Kick welcomes Sandy Williams, President of Strategic Marketing Innovators, for a two-part post on the current state of our dynamic marketing landscape. SMI is a leader in mobile marketing strategy.

The key for success in integrating mobile marketing into social media and email marketing initiatives is to find and maintain frequency levels that mobile phone users don’t consider perturbing. Therefore, it is very important to have a clear understanding of mobile marketing options and to choose options that will make a clear impact on buying decisions.

Quick mobile facts

  • One third of Americans who have signed up for promotional alerts via mobile phones say they impact the buying decision.
  • Placecast studies indicate that only 3 percent of women and 7 percent of men are interested in location based social networks.

Location, Location, Location

Examples of location based social networks are Foursquare and Yelp. The check-in services or the mobile optimized location based services of leading social networks has only a limited impact and the reach is still not measured properly.

A new report released this week from mobile media provider Myxer examines the current trends among check-in applications, that is, the particular group of location-based mobile social networks that allow users to announce their arrival at a specific venue in return for rewards, coupons, deals or other offers. The company found that among the top mobile check-in applications, there was a clear leader: Booyah’s MyTown, a location-based game built around your own city’s local shops and businesses. MyTown is heavily favored by consumers, attracting 56 percent of the mobile audience that uses location-based applications such as these. Loopt was in second place, with 12 percent of users. Gowalla and Foursquare lagged even further behind, at only 8 percent each.

Booyah's MyTown: Where mobile, local and gaming meet.

However, only 11 percent of mobile users are participating in the location-based social networking community, with the majority of mobile users claiming they’re simply “not interested” in these types services. (Source: Readwrite Mobile)

SMS Still Leads

Studies also reveal that the short messaging services (SMS), standard text messaging promoting, specials or time limited specials can generate responses as high as 40 percent while direct mail and banner advertisements strive for single digit returns.

So why is SMS more successful?

SMS text messages are faster and cheaper than traditional printed ads, and are less obtrusive than telemarketing. SMS marketing can increase sales by sending up-to-date promotions and sales event information to one’s target customer base. Messages are sent in “real time”, meaning they are received by the customers almost immediately after they are sent.

More Quick Facts

• Over 80 percent of consumers carry a mobile phone.
• Over 90 percent of all text messages are read.
• Consumers even prefer them to radio or television advertising.
• Location based mobile advertising messages are having higher click through rates than online advertising message.

The convergence of local, social and mobile has personalized advertising in a way few ever thought possible. Its development will be fascinating to experience.



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